Marijuana Infused

There are healthier alternatives to simply smoking cannabis, for medical users. The vaporizer is used by many health conscious medical marijuana patients who choose not to smoke. And ingesting marijuana through edibles, oils, and tinctures has grown rapidly in popularity among patients and recreational users alike.

Marijuana infused products include:

- Butter, Honey, and Cooking Oils
- Tinctures, Teas, and Sodas
- Brownies and Baked Goods
- Pasta, Pizza, and other food entries
- Body Oils and Topical Creams
- Chocolates, Lozenges and Candy items
- Ice Cream, Cheesecakes and Deserts
- Vodka and other Alcohol-based Spirits
- Even Restaurants specializing in a Medical Marijuana infused menu
...and many more

If you operate legally as a manufacturer or retailer of marijuana infused products, we would like to hear from you. We're gathering contacts for interviews, featured products and manufacturers, and industry/retail/media exposure. Contact us here.