Featured: Organa Labs - Colorado

OrganaLabs is an exciting new Infused Products company specializing in cannabis concentrates and MMJ extraction. OrganaLabs concentrates are made using high quality cannabis and Supercritical CO2 extraction (SFE). SFE is an alternative to liquid extraction using solvents such as hexane or dichloromethane.

OrganaLabs products include CannaTabs and Honey Oil. They are also working with Hot Sauce Williams in Cleveland on a cannabis infused BBQ sauce coined "Pot Sauce Williams."

CannaTabs are made by infusing sugar with OrganaLabs organic Honey Oil. These small pills are delivered sublingually (under the tongue) and contain 10mg of active cannabinoids per tablet.

More information on OrganaLabs
Website: OrganaLabs.com
Email: organalabs@gmail.com
Phone: (720)-536-8556